The Elite Story

The Early Years

In the thrilling days of October 2006, our journey kicked off as a Call of Duty 1.3 Clan. Wright, our founding leader, set out to redefine clan standards. Elite quickly rose to prominence, becoming a force to be reckoned with in the 1.3 gaming community.

What made us stand out? It wasn’t just our gaming prowess; it was the blend of excellence and good old-fashioned honesty. Our members weren’t just top players; they were folks with integrity and maturity. Our mission, then as it is now, is to provide a clan where members thrive in an organized, stable environment they can take pride in.

After conquering 1.3 for a solid 15 months, we boldly shifted gears to 1.5 and ventured into Call of Duty 4. The decision was simple – 1.3 had its time, and we needed a new game to keep evolving. Call of Duty 4 emerged as the natural choice.

As life happens, Wright found himself tied up with personal commitments, and Elite was temporarily put on pause. But, as you’ll soon find out, this was just the beginning of our incredible journey.

The Return

Not a year had passed before we regrouped, armed with a fresh perspective and a solid plan. Swiftly, we reclaimed our former glory. Returning to our roots in the original Call of Duty, we reinstated our clan among the game’s most respected.

Eager to expand, we set our sights on Modern Warfare 2. However, a curveball came our way when it was announced that there would be no dedicated servers shortly before its release, halting our expansion plans in their tracks. Undeterred, we refocused on the original Call of Duty and tactical realism in Call of Duty 4. During this period, we experienced considerable success, swelling in size to nearly 50 members.

Six months later, we dipped our toes into Battlefield: Bad Company 2. Despite it not meeting our expectations, we gracefully withdrew, opting for the familiarity of our well-established presence in Call of Duty.

In November 2010, Call of Duty: Black Ops hit the scene. We swiftly established two fairly successful servers that endured for a significant period. Unfortunately, as Black Ops lost popularity, we decided to redirect our focus to CoD4, where we asserted our gaming dominance in the tactical realism community.

The gaming landscape shifted again in 2011 with the release of Battlefield 3. Embracing it wholeheartedly, we not only enjoyed the game but also experienced a surge in recruitment, significantly boosting our numbers. These new members played a vital role in the clan’s growth, leading us to participate in TWL leagues with remarkable success, finishing with an impressive 15-2 record across all leagues.

Two years later, in 2014, Battlefield 4 hit the shelves. Despite a slow start due to its less-polished nature compared to its predecessor, we eventually carved out our space. This period posed challenges for us as a clan – without our server, our exemplary teamwork and skill faced resistance on certain servers, and unfortunately, not all appreciated our prowess.

The Turmoil

In the tumultuous year of 2016, our primary means of communication, the TeamSpeak server, faced frequent crashes, disrupting our interactions. To adapt, members created their own Discord servers when TeamSpeak was unavailable. However, this unintentionally scattered the clan, creating an impression of low activity. This led to difficulties in coordinating gameplay, causing a gradual decline in clan activity. In the midst of this, Battlefield 1 was released in October. While some members dabbled in the game, it failed to capture the wholehearted enthusiasm seen with previous Battlefield releases.

Fast forward to 2018, and our website experienced a complete blackout, taking the forums down with it. The TeamSpeak server crashed irreversibly, marking the end of an era. Battlefield 5’s release added to the disappointment, as it didn’t align with our expectations. We needed a game that allowed us to thrive collectively.

As 2019 dawned, our website made a skeletal return. Parts were in disrepair, making it barely readable. The forum, missing essential files, resembled a lost relic, indicative of the challenges we faced during this period.

The Renaissance

In the year 2020, a determined group within our ranks took charge, aiming to revitalize the clan from the recent disarray. The website was salvaged and revamped, while the forums transitioned into an archive as we shifted our focus to consolidating everything on a single Discord platform. A significant shake-up occurred in the clan hierarchy – ranks were stripped away, making room for the introduction of a staff system. This system not only ensured that members’ voices were heard but also laid a robust foundation for our future expansion.

Diversity became our strength in 2020 as we ventured into a multitude of games. No longer confined to a single title, our most popular picks include Black Desert Online, Escape from Tarkov, Modern Warfare, and Valorant.

Enter the Community Game Nights, a spirited initiative where everyone is invited to join the fun. These nights feature various game types, emphasizing the simple joy of playing together. Garry’s Mod has been our go-to, offering a diverse range of game modes. The success of Game Nights has fueled our enthusiasm, and we’re gearing up to explore even more games in the near future.

Our Future

As we gaze ahead, optimism guides our vision. Rooted in enduring core values and fueled by the sterling character of our members, we stand poised for prosperity, no matter where the road ahead may lead. The future is ours to shape, and we’re ready for the journey.