We expect everyone to follow these principles and keep things solid in our community.

Our Code of Conduct:

  1. Respect is Key:
    • Treat others decently. It’s just common courtesy.
  2. Adulting 101:
    • Act your age. Drama’s not our thing.
  3. Stay Down-to-Earth:
    • Humility matters. Leave your ego at the spawn point.
  4. Play Fair or Go Home:
    • Cheating? No-go. Keep it legit.
  5. Buddies > Wins:
    • Winning’s cool, but be cool about it. Friends matter more.
  6. Clan = Fam:
    • We’re a gaming family. Stick around; we’ve got each other’s backs.

Ground Rules:

  • No Hacking, Seriously:
    • Hacking gets you booted. Keep it clean.
  • Keep Us Posted:
    • Going MIA? Drop a line. We like knowing you’re around.
  • No pressure on recruitment:
    • Feel free to chip in, but decisions? Staff’s got that covered.

Bonus Tips:

  • Stay in the Game:
    • Be active. We’re not asking for your life story; just drop by sometimes.
  • No worries about hackers, but if you do spot one:
    • Give the heads up to the higher-ups. We’ll handle it, no sweat.
  • Emergency? Tell a Staff Member:
    • Big problem? Don’t ghost us. Share it with a Staff member ASAP.

Remember, these are more like common-sense guidelines.