Dive into the lineup of our gaming community with our members’ roster. It’s a quick glance at the individuals who collectively make our gaming experience diverse and engaging. Check out the roster to familiarize yourself with the contributors to our gaming tribe.

Tag Name
2LateMember39Perkinston, Mississippi, US8/11/20158y 10m 11d
Alek_G12Member29Monterrey, Nuevo León, MX4/19/20204y 2m 3d
AybabtuMember43Livonia, Michigan, US10/5/20203y 8m 17d
B_SwayzeMember46Fort Worth, Texas, US5/8/20204y 1m 14d
BladeMember35Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, US5/8/200717y 1m 14d
BxSacrificeMember31New York, New York, US4/19/20204y 2m 3d
ClarkMember36Wenatchee, Washington, US4/13/201212y 2m 9d
CloudedMember31Oldsmar, Florida, US6/7/20204y 15d
DiabloMember32East Lansing, Michigan, US5/8/200717y 1m 14d
FrogmanMember37Alabama, US12/27/20203y 5m 26d
GodzDirector32Greensboro, North Carolina, US6/8/201212y 14d
HarvestorStaff36Saint John, New Brunswick, CA10/20/200617y 8m 2d
HavikMember49Republic, Missouri, US5/24/20204y 29d
HolidayDirector33Gulfport, Mississippi, US11/4/201112y 7m 18d
HoseMember26Akron, Ohio, US9/19/20203y 9m 3d
KalMember33Chicago, Illinois, US8/20/200914y 10m 2d
KillerslpMember43Raleigh, North Carolina, US12/27/201112y 5m 26d
LycanMember37Chicago, Illinois, US8/16/201310y 10m 6d
MartinezMember39Scottsdale, Arizona, US12/31/201211y 5m 22d
MuteMember34Lansing, Michigan, US5/15/20204y 1m 7d
Nerfh3rderStaff39San Antonio, Texas, US7/17/201211y 11m 5d
Nitrous_HailMember26Latham, New York, US8/13/20203y 10m 9d
NuclearMember33Charlotte, North Carolina, US7/1/201013y 11m 21d
PoodFarticleMember29Indianapolis, Indiana, US10/31/20212y 7m 22d
PremiumMember33Dallas, Texas, US3/18/200717y 3m 4d
RadEngMember39San Antonio, Texas, US1/21/20159y 5m 1d
RainthroteMember31Auburn, Alabama, US7/6/20212y 11m 16d
ReactionDTMember36Huntsville, Alabama, US9/10/201211y 9m 12d
RevengeStaff28Hattiesburg, Mississippi, US7/5/201211y 11m 17d
ReverandHamHockMember46Southgate, Michigan, US4/19/20204y 2m 3d
RustyMember34Pensacola, Florida, US8/1/200914y 10m 21d
SaintDudeMember52Newport News, Virginia, US8/26/201310y 9m 27d
SkiffronStaff31Madison, Wisconsin, US6/29/200815y 11m 24d
SlayerStaff36San Antonio, Texas, US12/31/201211y 5m 22d
SmokeMember29Nassau, New Providence, BS10/20/200617y 8m 2d
SoccerboyMember31Indianapolis, Indiana, US12/15/201112y 6m 7d
TwistyMember33Long Island, New York, US5/14/20177y 1m 8d
TyphonDirector33London, Greater London, GB7/30/201112y 10m 23d
VassiliMember32Rochester, New York, US7/15/200815y 11m 7d
VonVictusMember49Springfield, Missouri, US8/16/201310y 10m 6d
WackMFMember48Goose Creek, South Carolina, US12/26/20203y 5m 27d
XaelMember27Hollywood, Florida, US5/5/20204y 1m 17d
ZipStaff30Stuart, Florida, US7/14/200914y 11m 8d